Sustainable, Impact and Blended Finance & Investments

Due to the increasing trend towards a method of financing and investing in which the social return is equally important as the financial return, we are experiencing an increasing need among our clients for professionals with experience in Sustainable, Impact and/or Blended Finance & Investment solutions. There is a rapidly growing number of organisations specialized in sustainability. Either stand-alone companies or departments and subsidiaries of investment managers, banks, pension funds and NGOs. This form of finance and investment is characterized by a strong bias towards emerging and frontier markets and the matching of the specific investment form to the need, e.g., private equity, direct loans and mezzanine.


We play a (pro)active role in guiding and selecting professionals with relevant experience at the more traditional financial organisations who are open for a transition to the Sustainable Investment & Finance sector.


Examples of the types of positions are: Chief Impact Investment Officer; Head of Sustainable Finance; Fund Manager of, for example, Renewable Energy or Agricultural Investments; Regional Manager of Asian, African or Latin American Investments; Head of SRI Investments; etc.



Marc Hamel

Partner / Consultant

Natasha Tanka