Career Advice & Career Counseling

Career Advice
Financial Assets offers Career Advice, a service specially designed for experienced professionals in the financial sector and focused on reorientation with regard to work, position and employer. It is geared to professionals looking for a new job and a new challenge. Professionals whose biggest questions are “What is available, what am I qualified for and how do I get where I want to be?”

We are Financial Assets, experts with indebt knowledge and over twenty years of experience in the Dutch financial markets. Our specialist partners are ready and waiting to help you. Perhaps there are competencies you need to brush up on, or specific, additional study options you can take to make sure your career runs as smoothly as you want it to. Career Advice, specifically aimed at professionals and their own individual interests, comes in two forms:

Quick Career Advice
Quick Career Advice consists of a one-hour session in which your interests, competencies and realistic, external possibilities are discussed briefly and intensively. For candidates who are planning to move to The Netherlands, this session can take place via Skype.

Career Counselling
Career Counselling offers a more comprehensive approach to career advice, geared towards your own personal development with the aim of bringing you closer to achieving a desired and lasting career change. In three one-hour interview sessions – with intervening periods of one or more weeks – you will take a closer look at the relevant opportunities offered by the external market. What is the current state of the market? What kinds of competencies, experience and mindset are in demand?

A fee is charged for both of these specialist services. Our office manager Maaike van Wiefferen will be happy to provide you with more information about the costs.